The exhilarating campaign for SEAT Leon CUPRA


Such an exhilarating sports car as the new SEAT Leon CUPRA requires an equally extraordinary campaign.

Within our ongoing partnership with SEAT brand, in 2014 we began the first stage
of the campaign when we advertised the test drives online – while others engage everybody, SEAT involved only chosen ones to take part in the test drives in the city as well as on the race track. We created four teasing videos, a dedicated website and video coverage of the drives of ten lucky ones who had the opportunity to experience the power of CUPRA.

In spring 2015, the excitement hadn’t even worn off when we launched the next part of the campaign. This time, we focused on presenting the hero model. In the TV ad directed by Hugo Menduin, we prove that Leon CUPRA is not only reliable on a daily basis, but also when you want to experience unique sports emotions. Apart from the TV ad, enriched with information on the special performance and design packages, we created a cinema version of the commercial, digital communication, marketing materials for the dealers, posters and large format advertisements.

This extraordinary drive continues. The CUPRA family has just been joined by another Leon which means… another exciting challenge for LOWE WARSAW.