Cappy re-launch


Brand problem: after successful launch in the end of 90s, brand started its erosion, loosing shares and having image problems: more often associated with „artificially coloured juice” or the product for special occasions.

Our strategic approach: „Things that occur naturally are the best”. Our solution: through-the-line campaign, using 360 degrees media: TV, outdoor (standard boards, bus shelters, nets, 3D elements), press (non-standards and advertorials) and internet (classic formats plus mini-sites and on-line advertorials). To increase the efficiency of sales we were also in charge of pro-sales activities, using special strategic shoppermarketing tools

RESULTS (after 6 months of campaign): Brand awareness increase: +20%, sales increase: +128% (in previous year, before the campaign: -15%), increase of the benefit „is healthy”: +48%