Making of

Ibuprom MAX

How to show real emotions? How to capture the spirit of competition and fight for a place in a special team led by a real trainer? How to do it in 45 seconds?

It is rare, that Big Idea had so much reflection not just in the film but also in the production and creation process. Everyone who has been involved had to present their own inner strength.

We focused on the reliability and the documentary nature of the project, carrying out the selection of athletes from all over the country. Rather than enact the action, we decided to record all stages of elimination, team selection and finally a real match, in which our athletes fought with a professional volleyball team. In this way we were able to capture the real effort, hard work, tears and joy.

Thanks to this we obtained more than 40 hours of material, a thrilling history of the struggle for the victory. To present 45 seconds long true story of inner strength.